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45 First go left next go right

Square Dance > Schnellwahl > Basic
Das erste nach außen blickende Paar geht nach links und dreht sich dabei gegen den Uhrzeigersinn um 180 Grad, das zweite nach außen blickende nachfolgende Paar geht nach rechts und dreht sich dabei mit dem Uhrzeigersinn um 180 Grad. Es entsteht eine Line of Four.
Starting formation - completed double pass thru. Each couple works as a unit and walks forward in an arc in the indicated direction. The center couple walks forward before taking the second direction given. If the couples are asked to go in opposite directions (e.g. FIRST COUPLE GO LEFT, NEXT COUPLE GO RIGHT), they should move in a tight circle in their specified direction for half a circle. At this point they will be facing another couple and the ending formation will be facing lines. The other couple in their line will be the couple that started either immediately ahead or behind them facing the same wall in the starting double pass thru.
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